Voting in Your Own Interest
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Voting in Your Own Interest

I am Latino. I am a minority. I was raised by a single mother on welfare and came to this country from Cuba for a better life. Through welfare, Pell grants, and student loans I was able to change my socio-economic status and become what people like to call part of the 1%. In reality I'm more part of the 30 to 33% but that's beside the point. 

I believe that when you start at the bottom as I did and you work your way up by whatever means (i.e. hard work, student Loans, government programs, etc.) you are a hypocrite if you denounce all those methods. By immediately joining the side of those who try to keep folks down and joining them in pushing other people down by saying "you're not entitled to the government programs or any help", "get a job", or "you are draining the economy" you're attacking the very person you once were. 

Instead you should recognize that you have a moral obligation to help those who started off like you. Lend a hand even if it means higher taxes. Encourage help from the government and give people a fair chance to get where you are. Don't vote for someone who wants to keep you down, vote for someone who would have helped you when you needed the most help.

That's what I believe, and if that's what makes me a liberal, communist, or anti-"real" American then so be it. I am who I am (Popeye reference). I do what I think is right and I think that's what makes me a real American.

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