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Florida Law and More

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Jai Alai Returning to Tampa?

I wonder how our Tampa Bay Area residents feel about this?  Jai Alai coming back to Tampa?  How will this affect the already inundated Tampa Area as far as traffic and sporting events?  I want to hear from you on this.

Bass Pro Shops Opening

New Bass Pro Shops set to open tonight in Brandon.  Expect extra heavy traffic in these parts.  Stay alert and aware and be sure to avoid an accident.  This extra heavy traffic coupled with the immense amounts of rain we have received in the past week or so can definitely be a recipe for disaster so remember to call the injury firm that cares in the event of an accident and speak directly to Attorney Alex Hernandez himself for your free initial consultation; remember, we don't get paid unless you get paid.

Parking in St. Pete

Let's get involved in our communities today and let our voices finally be heard.  I don't know about you but I sure am tired of wasting tons of time finding parking in Downtown and/or getting parking tickets.  Let's finally get this traffic and congestion under control in St. Pete.

New License Plates

Completely redesigned Tampa Bay Buccaneers License Plate will be on sale in time for the upcoming football season among other new plates.  Check them out and see which one you might get.

Cruise to Cuba!

Cruises to Cuba?  Interesting...  What do you guys think about this?  Good idea, bad idea, indifferent, excited to travel to a new and exotic land?  Let us know what you think?

They're in!!!

They are in...  Custom Alexlawyer99.com t-shirts and tank tops with our beautiful new logo in every color!  Swing by and check them out!  Stay tuned to our twitter for our first free giveaway of these beauties.

Newest Logo

Our newest logo design is ready for action.  New t-shirts and tank tops for the beach will be in soon, talk about personal injury attorney swag ;)  Living in Clearwater or Pinellas County for that matter means that we are all familiar with the beach and tourism so why not represent your local businesses while your at it.  Have a great weekend Tampa Bay and stay tuned next week for some freebies on our twitter :)