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Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater, Florida

Over 400,00 Americans a year suffer a wrongful personal injury. Accidents and unintentional injuries are consistently the third-highest cause of death in America.

Personal injuries can lead to sky-high medical bills and lost wages. Wrongful injuries also reduce day-to-day functionality and cause long-term suffering.

Many victims take legal action to help make ends meet during recovery. In cases of serious catastrophe, courts may award extra compensation for emotional suffering.

At the Law Office of Alex Hernandez, we've been providing personal injury counsel to the citizens of Clearwater, Florida, for 30 years. Our practice area also covers the surrounding areas of Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties.

The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers are dedicated to defending your interests. They are responsible for advocating on your behalf during hearings, mediations, and trials. Personal injury attorneys use specialized negotiating strategies to pursue fair settlements.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

There are a variety of situations that can lead to a personal injury suit. One of the most common events that result in personal injuries is car accidents. Premise liability covers injuries that occur on someone's property due to negligence. These cases are often referred to as "slip, trips, and falls."

Professional malpractice is another leading cause of personal injury cases. Physicians, attorneys, and hospitals are the most common malpractice offenders.

Perhaps surprisingly, pets are also a leading cause of personal injury cases. Almost 4.5 million people suffer from dog bites in the United States each year, and 800,000 of those bites will result in medical care.

Product liability represents another significant amount of annual personal injury cases. Defective products harm thousands of Americans every year. There are three primary types of product liability cases.

  1. Marketing Defects - Marketing defects cover a variety of marketing flaws that could lead to injury. Examples include improper labeling, poor or substandard instructions, and inadequate safety information.

  2. Design Defects - Design defects are present in goods that are naturally dangerous due to the features of their design.

  3. Manufacturing Defects - These cases often occur due to insufficient quality control. These defects occur during the creation and assembly of goods and products.

Vehicle collisions and accidents account for over half of all personal injury cases. In the millions of accidents Americans endure each year, many of them turn to a personal injury attorney to help them recover lost funds due to the accident.

Pursue your compensation with confidence with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Personal Injury Award Ranges

Personal injury awards vary widely. Many factors affect compensation amounts, including the degree of liability and negligence involved. Another important aspect is the severity of the injuries a client has suffered.

Award ranges for different types of personal injury cases include:

  • $10,000 - $1,000,000+ for motor vehicle cases

  • $25,000 - $1,000,000+ for premises liability cases

  • $100,000 - $1,000,000+ for intentional torts

  • $679,000 - $1,000,000+ in cases of medical malpractice

  • $500,000 - $1,000,000+ for product liability cases

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At the Law Office of Alex Hernandez, we have been guiding clients through their personal injury cases towards beneficial resolutions for decades. Operating in Clearwater and the tri-county area of Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties, we are here to fight for the dignity and compensation of our fellow citizens in their time of need.

We offer round-the-clock legal advice and counseling, and our managing attorney Alex Hernandez is only ever a phone call away. With available weekend and evening appointments, our firm makes every effort to provide accessible service to our clients throughout Florida.

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Over the last three decades, we have earned a reputation for exceptional service and unmatched attention from our clients. We have successfully represented thousands of clients in personal injury lawsuits, and are prepared to fight for a just payout for your injuries. Our firm has secured multi-million dollar settlements and successfully stood up to powerful groups like Walmart, Ford, Target, and Chrysler.

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